Today, I turn 32.

That sure does feel weird to say. I still feel about 26, and have to mentally correct myself almost every time someone asks how old I am. 

The younger me thought I'd have everything pretty sorted by now. I had a vision that I'd be married with two kids, have a great job and be living my ideal happy-family life (whatever that is).

I got the married part sorted. The kids part...they aren't far from my mind, but it's not something that will be happening anytime soon. The best thing about having friends with babies, is that I can play with them and then return them.  The thought of caring for a little being, terrifies me.

And the great job I had in mind? I just quit my full time job to pursue my own business (aka, I'm sitting in my home office with not much to do. How many times a day can one check their emails?!). And a happy life? I wouldn't say I'm unhappy, but this past year has been a bumpy road.

There have been times that I compared myself to my friends, we all do. They seem to have this whole life thing sorted. Happily married, with a baby or two. They have what I thought I'd have by now. 

It's so easy to focus on where we think we should be in life, and lose sight of where we are, and what we have achieved. 

Spending the day by myself in Seattle (hubby is at a conference), sipping on some bubbly, I can't help but be pretty damn happy about where I'm at. It might not be what I imagined, but I am happy with my achievements, and excited for what the coming years will bring. 

Em xox